The following is our planned development roadmap for the game. Details may change over time.


  1. Development – Started late 2013
  2. Steam Greenlight – Hit #1 and was Greenlit on Steam – Late 2014
  3. Company development/Business development – Start 2015
  4. Investor Presentations – Mid 2015 to Late 2015
  5. Company Wingman Games Pty Ltd Registered – 23rd July 2015
  6. Police 1013 Trademarked – Mid 2015
  7. Start of Community Development Branch Production: 1st November 2015
  8. Started Alpha Build – April 2017


Making a game like this takes a massive effort and there are many things that are needed to make the game successful. It is essential during the development process that certain criteria are met to help drive the project forward. From the very beginning of Police 1013’s development, a lot has happened. We’ve gained investors, lost investors, gained staff, lost staff and so on. It’s a huge task to keep on track with a game like this so to help alleviate any confusion I will add a rundown of all our developmental requirements to complete this game. As you will see, its a lot of work and will take some time to complete. Along the way there will be cutbacks, changes and different directions that we’ll take. This is expected in a game like this because without financial support there are things that just aren’t possible at the beginning. Please understand that we are taking every step to make the game we started out making but realistically we have to follow a path so that we don’t hit a brick wall.

Please note: We are not a billion dollar company that can do everything from the start. We have to be realistic and grow. Our time line and roadmap below should give you a better understanding of the work required but more importantly the goals we set and the difficulty we will face achieving those goals.

Please don’t expect everything to be in the game straight away. That would be impossible. We will implement certain things when funding/investment goals are met. We also have a great team involved in our Community Developer Branch which are doing everything possible to help push the game forward. Without these people the process would be much slower. Remember, these people are the ultimate fans. They are people with incredible skill and they are people who are doing their part to get this game made. Please respect the amount of work they’re putting in.


With the limited budget currently available to us and future funding still required, we can not put a time frame on our full release strategy to console. It’s very important that gamers understand that there are still a few hoops to jump through to get it to console. We first must meet certain goals during the Steam Release to then foresee our proposed console release strategies. We are being very realistic now that we have started building the game officially. We know what gamers want now which is great, we also understand the enormous task to get all things completed. From this point on we will not predict release dates, nor will we add to our already massive list of proposed vehicles, gear and support for the game. Doing that may make things impossible to get done in a reasonable time frame. Our budget has changed due to unforeseen circumstances so our approach has to change with it. An important note is that everything we do as independent developers will change. Don’t EXPECT anything. It’s more important to us that we take our time in doing this right. It will then all depend on the community as to which direction we take.

Thank you all for your continued support and thank you for your input to-date. The following Roadmaps should give you enough information to know what stage we’re at. I will continue to update each section as time permits.


As an independent developer who “did not” go the crowd funding path, we have had to invest a lot of time and money to get the business model into a position that would attract investment from Private Investors. This has been a very long journey and that journey continues throughout the process. Below is our business timeline.

Police 1013 Thinktank - Completed
Business Plan - Completed
Investor Presentations - Completed
Steam Greenlight - Completed
Company Registration - Completed
Police 1013 Trademark - Completed
Game Development Document (GDD) - Completed
Alpha Investment / Funding

Last Updated: 26 July 2017


In a game like this you must understand that there are a lot of assets that need doing. Police props, weapons and vehicles are only a very small part of this. We still need to make hundreds of buildings, trees, plants, road signs etc. So for us to get to a playable alpha we will keep this updated as we proceed. There are many other requirements to get us to Alpha status. Below is the Alpha Roadmap.

Police Academy
Police HQ
Police HQ Furniture
Shooting Range
Police Vehicles
Police Weapons
Weapon Sound Effects - Completed
Police Characters
Police Clothing
Civilian Vehicles
Traffic Signs - Completed
Traffic Lights - Completed
Civilian AI
Civilian Weapons
Police Animations
AI Animations
Police Radio Communications
Vehicle / Pedestrian Random Cycles
Emergency Lighting System
MDT Dispatch system
Random Crime Blueprints
Policing Blueprints
Vehicle Physics
Police Recruit Module
Police Patrolman Module
Police Highway Patrol Module
Single Player Police Dispatch
Map Size - 60 Square Kilometres
Networking / Perforce - Completed

Last Updated: 5 September 2017


We are not currently working toward a Beta release. Once Alpha is released we’ll update below.

Police SWAT Module
Police Plain Clothes Module
Police K9 Module
Map Size - 50 Square Miles


Once alpha and beta have been released, we will work toward a full PC release of the game on Steam and Possibly PC-DVD.

Police Detective Module
Police Airwing Module
Police WaterPolice Module
Police Dispatch Module


The main focus is for us to complete the alpha and beta of Police 1013. That will take however long it takes. Some functions in our game won’t be implemented until we get further down the track. This will all depend on funding/investment or sales goals with the game. Below you will find things that have been left out of the official release. These are those things that cost a lot more to implement. Over time we will however attempt to add these into game. The modules could be added during any stage of production. This is an indication of certain DLC’s or Game Modules that will be released over time. It’s important that you understand that we may not achieve all goals we set and can’t predict any issues we may encounter. However, we hope that by adding to our Roadmap will give us a better reality on achieving certain goals and an indication of what we HOPE to achieve in the future.

TRACK IR Support
Oculus Rift Support
DLC - EMS (Ambulance)
DLC - Fire
Map Size - 100 Square Miles
Mod Editor
XBOX One Release
Playstation 4 Release