Frequently Asked Questions


The Frequently asked questions page was updated on 6th August 2019.

  • What engine is Police 10-13 using?

Police 10-13 is currently using the Unreal 4 engine.

  • System Requirements?

No system requirements have been released yet. Once the game is about to go into Alpha we’ll be able to have our full test results published.

  • I am a police officer and would like to help consult on your game?

We currently have several Police advisers on our team from different Police Agency’s around the World. Thank you for your support but we are fine at the moment.

  • What languages will Police 10-13 be supporting?

We will add language packs closer to release.

  • When is the game coming out?

We are aiming to have Police 10-13 completed as a stable ALPHA version as soon as we can. With budget restrictions we are no longer adding huge expectations to our release strategy. Please understand that we will continue to do our best to keep momentum moving forward. Check out our roadmap (link above). Please don’t continue to ask about release dates. We get the same question 100 times a day. We will notify you via our many different channels when the game is going to be released.

  • Where will Police 10-13 be set?

Police 10-13 will be set in an open world city as well as country areas on a map called Metro. The city is going to have a North American themes with road signs etc..

  • How much is Police 10-13 going to cost?

At this time we do not know what the cost of the final release for Police 10-13 will be.

  • Will Police 10-13 be on next gen consoles?

Right now we are concentrating on the ALPHA stage of development for PC “ONLY” but continue to build the game using PC/XBox1 and PS4 code for a final release on PC and Console.

  • Will Police 10-13 have Multiplayer & Dedicated Servers?

We will release the game with Multiplayer.

  • Will there be Single player?

Sure will! However, there will NOT be a story mode. This game is FREE ROAM.

  • Will there be any other emergency services or police roles?

We are currently focusing very hard on the core aspect of the game which is to create an immersive police simulator. However, additional branches like EMS and Firefighting are being added in a future DLC. Police 10-13 will offer a variety of law enforcement roles over time during our different release strategies. Water police, K9 unit, SWAT, Undercover, narcotics division, homicide investigation unit, coroner, Highway Patrol and dispatch to name a few.

  • Weather & day/night cycles.

Police 10-13 is going to have a range of weather effects. There will also of course be day/night cycles that you can set as you please.

  • Customization & Modding.

We want to eventually, fully support the modding community.

  • Will I be able to play as a criminal?

Police 10-13 will include Civilian slots for role-play purposes.

  • Third person, or first person?

Police 10-13 will be first person and third person.

  • Oculus Rift & TrackIR

We hope to eventually add third party device support.

  • Will the Laws/Road-signs be American?

The road signs on the street will be American, as the city “Metro” and it’s countryside will be American based.

The laws will be based on current American statutes.

  • How Big Will the Map Be?

Our Alpha map size will be pretty small. Approximately 10 Miles Square. This is really so that we can fully push the game through it’s paces. Over time we will make the map size larger. Check the Roadmap (link above).

  • Can You Change Departments?

Yes, you will be able to change the department you are affiliated with. To do this you’ll need to qualify for that department at the Police Academy. Certain departments won’t be available during Alpha and Beta versions.

  • ELS – Electronic Lighting system.

Yes. In Police 1013 you will be able to change light patterns, flashes and light colors.

  • Weapons.

We will be using all types of current Police weapons and gadgets. If its currently being used then the chances are we’ll be adding it in game. These include cuffs, batons, shields, flashbang’s, radios, breathalyzers, radar guns, mirrors (swat) etc. A full list of gear will be added to the webpage over the coming months.

  • Do you have a youtube channel where you add Developer Diaries?

Yes, you can find us on youtube by going to

  • What happens if you break the rules on our servers while playing?

The rules will be policed by administrators of the servers. Those administrators will have the ultimate say on what punishments if any are used to deal with each issue.

  • Will there be Steering wheel support?

At this stage we are looking into that as a good possibility.

  • Will there be prison systems and a court system?

Yes. We are already building our prison system both locally as a police jail unit and a main prison complex. With regard to a Court? Yes we are planning to have a court system put in place for Roleplay communities.

  • Will the roadmap be updated monthly?

Yes, we are concentrating on making sure you are aware of what our developers are currently working on in our new look roadmap. This will be done once a month. No specific date will be made so keep checking.

  • Will there be a Dispatch in the game?

Yes, the dispatch system will be like a game within a game. Players will have the ability to play as a dispatcher on a special 3d map screen. More details will become available when we’re ready to showcase the system to you.

  • What kind of call-outs will there be? 

There will be a vast amount of different call-outs that Police will be responsible for. These include, but not limited to: Barking dogs, loud music, drug activity, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Fire, Public intoxication, graffiti, disorderly conduct, murder, robberies (home), robberies (bank/store), prostitution, active shooter, riots, drownings, fighting, speeding, drunk driver reports, false alarms, escorts, missing persons, suspicious deaths, gang related activity, car theft, property theft, shoplifting, damage to property, shots fired, trespassing, parties, and many, many others.

  • What vehicles can we drive?

Police 1013 will have a varied amount of vehicles (which can be seen in our features list). Every officer will be able to choose the appropriate vehicle for their position depending on which department you’re rolling out in. As an example, SWAT will be able to take out specialised SWAT vehicles while Patrolmen will be able to take out more general duties vehicles. It all depends on which department you’re working for when your shift starts.

  • Will there be a story mode?

No there is no story mode.

  • Will you be able to ride a Police Motorcycle? 


  • Will we have realistic radios?

Yes, we are building an internal VOIP system so that the radio systems work realistically like the real thing. This will include different channels, emergency channels and private channels to speak directly to your friends. Each department will have it’s own channel as well as a general all department channel. Dispatch will be able to contact any officer on duty through the dispatch system.

  • Can we customise our uniform?

Yes. You will be given the opportunity when you login for duty to customise your shirt, pants, utility belt, placement of pouches, holster, bullet proof vest, hats, boots etc.

  • Will this game be cross platform? 

Unfortunately that is something we won’t know until we negotiate with the likes of Sony and Microsoft etc.

  • Will the game be on Steam or Epic Games?

Right now our plan is to use Steam. However, in the current climate our release strategy might change in the future. We can only wait until closer to our release.

  • Do you purchase assets from Unreal Marketplace to build this game?

Yes of course we do. In fact we don’t know to many indie developers that don’t. With the size of this game it is important that we get as much done as we can with the limited people involved. IF that means purchasing certain things from professional artists then we have absolutely no problem doing that. For those that consider that an asset flip, please research its meaning. This is NOT an asset flip. The entire reason Unreal has a marketplace is for indie game developers to help speed things along. I should also say that we also use marketplace coding that then gets re-coded to our liking by our programmers. Eventually when we are in a better financial position after sales starts rolling in we will be able to hire many more developers to build ONLY our own assets for the game. At this stage it’s about 50/50 in assets bought vs made. We pride ourselves on getting this game made.

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