August 2019 Special Announcement


Updated: 12th August 2019.

With Police 1013 moving forward in a new and fresh way without any more distractions I thought I would introduce you to some of the new things here at Wingman Games.

  1. I’d like to introduce Connor. Connor is our new PR guy. He will handle all PR on all social media from this point on. He is also the master behind the new Discord channel.
  2. Project Blue Line Crowdfunding Campaign – PBL has now officially closed. Which means we are no longer taking backers for our PBL donations. However, those that have already backed the game will still receive their Tier’s once the alpha is released. Thanks for your ongoing patience and we look forward to showcasing Police 1013 in the future.
  3. We have a new “No Troll” policy being adopted on our social media platforms and discord. We want a safe, mature and respectful way for our fans to come together to enjoy the community and what it has to offer. Trolls do nothing but harm a community so in order to facilitate a better experience as a community member we have adopted the No Troll policy in order to remove those who aren’t really wanting to be a member of the community. Remember, Criticism is AWESOME but being a bully or troll is NOT!
  4. Future outcomes and responsibilities – At present we are continuing to work on the Game in every aspect. However, we are also in contact with dozens of studio teams to join us to help complete the game to a standard we want. If you’re a studio wanting to speak to us more about this opportunity or you’re a designer, 3d Artist, Programmer etc then please email [email protected]
  5. Showcase Video and Something playable? Our last two programmers have unfortunately left us high and dry. We were expecting to have something playable this year as well as a full showcase video of everything we’d been doing all year. With their departure, we have been put back 6 months so we won’t have anything to show until 2020 at this stage. We will no doubt keep you updated though on all news throughout the year. We apologise that this had happened just before we wanted to showcase everything. Although very disappointed in those that left, we are moving forward with a better understanding of the type of people we want attached in the future.