The Ultimate Police Simulator

* Note: Steam Confirmed. PC Disk & Console versions will come out after full release.


A great selection of Police Vehicles to choose from

Multiple Police Roles to choose from

Over time, a map size of 100sq Miles

Check the Official Roadmap for progress reports


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Development Roadmap

To follow our development and production process, please carefully read our Development Roadmap. Click here!

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Police 1013 – A Simulator like no other

Our aim is simple. We want to build the greatest Police Simulator ever created. Our Police 1013 community is our greatest asset.

Our forums, facebook fanpage, twitter feed are full of awesome gamers who know what they want. They’ve shared their ideas

and we’ve listened. Most importantly, we’ve communicated with those that believe in our game the same as we do! Our team are

working 110% to get this game made right. We’ll stop at nothing to build the game YOU want to play!

Police 1013 Features

We have a very ambitious road ahead of us. The features below are not guaranteed but are features we’d like to implement over time. Check our Roadmap for more details.

  • Single Player
  • Multiplayer
  • 100 Square Mile Map
  • Full Radio communications between players and dispatch
  • Full 3d Dispatch Operations – Play as a Dispatcher
  • Realistic weapon Ballistics
  • Accurate Vehicle physics
  • Soft body Physics
  • All Police Departments playable
  • Academy Training
  • Fully modable
  • Developed using Unreal 4
  • TrackIR support
  • VR Support
  • In Car computer is fully operational
  • Police HQ – Start and Finish your shift from the HQ
  • Criminal Database which updates as you play
  • Pick from Dozens of Police weapons and Vehicles
  • Realistic Arrest and Search Animations
  • Multicultural and both Male and Female Officers
  • Play as a Civilian
  • Hundreds of different call outs
  • AI Partners or Real life partners for backup
  • First and Third person views
  • Edit your Uniform and Vehicle with Clan insignia
  • Fly Helicopters
  • Drive Police Boats
  • K9 Units
  • DLC – EMS and FIRE to be released after games full release

More features coming soon…

About Us

Wingman Games is a company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Headed by President Matt Norman, Wingman Games was established to bring a new kind of Video Games Development structure to the industry. An independent company built on a strict foundation of speaking directly to gamers. Our goal is to build games that gamers want to play. We go out of our way to communicate with our audience. Give a voice to those that want to see something special made. After all, our community is what makes our games possible.

All of our developers are gamers themselves. We’ve done everything to gather the best in the business. We’ve also made amazing partnerships with different companies around the World that believe in what we’re trying to achieve. With these partnerships, we know we’re in good hands and trust these companies to help build games with the latest technology, best performance, and most importantly the same commitment to getting things done the right way.

Wingman Games is proud to bring you Police 1013 and we’d like to thank all of our community for the ongoing support. Your support means absolutely everything to us during the development process.

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