The following is our planned development roadmap for the game. Details may change over time.


This month will see our team take some time off at the end of the month for Christmas and New Year celebrations. We would like to take this opportunity of wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year for 2020. A big thank you to all of our developers and staff who continue to look after facebook, discord etc. You guys rock!

It terms of development, the last month we’ve continued working on the vehicle damage systems, vehicle dynamic systems and vehicle traffic systems inside the game. We have also completed over 50 pedestrian models to fill the streets of Metro each with different body types, clothing and faces. We’ve made the NPC’s procedural with literally thousands of combinations so no NPC looks the same. Police Radar is working as is the Vehicle identification system on the MDT. Our tests have so far shown great results with optimisation and we’re really starting to build out the City and Country areas.

Each weapons ballistics have now been optimised for real weapon comparisons and our damage system to human and NPC’s are now fully implemented with the ability to render first aid to several parts of a body. The first aid system is built to keep someone alive after a shooting, car accident etc. Once they are stable the option to transport them to the completed hospital is given. The hospital has a working surgery for human players who literally get wheeled into surgery and put to sleep before waking up ready to hit the streets again. We have two different Ambulance vehicles currently completed.

Our focus is on completing something playable for early to mid 2020. We are also speaking to a company who have shown interest in partnering with the team for a bigger release strategy. We’ll go through those discussions with you all next year.

Again, thank you for all the support this year and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2020.


Hi everyone, another month has gone by and I am working really hard with the team to get us hopefully to something playable in March 2020. This is a huge undertaking as I’m having to find outside work to help fund this process. It’s very difficult to work on outside projects AND then work on 1013 at the same time using all of my resources to fund the development of the game so things have been stretched over the past two months or so and it’s been really difficult without Project Blue Line paying for all those little things that are needed.

On reflection of what’s happened over the past few months it hasn’t been easy. I have five part time developers working on asset creation and programming and they are doing an awesome job. They’re also very committed to the game and me personally which is awesome. We have big things being worked on and are slowly getting through our lists we’ve each been given. I think the hardest thing I’ve had to do is to please the nay sayers. Building our own assets from scratch has been very time consuming and doing this just so we won’t have any more “asset flip” comments has been in all reality stupid. Marketplace items are used to help get the game made quicker but some people just don’t understand that. So instead I’m having to start again which means a lot of money wasted on getting things from the marketplace to help build the game. So please understand that to do this in this way has made building the game much more difficult and put a lot more work in front of us.

After everything we have gone through we are still being harrassed online which is sad. All harrassment has come from three particular groups who believe they are above everyone. Who take joy in harrassing me personally because of comments made by Sidalpha, bigfry and duerag. What’s worse is that these three have continued to applaud those that continue with the harrassment. What’s worse is that I have witnessed so many stories being told about things I have said when I haven’t commented on social media or even discord for the past two months or so. This has been the major problem. People want the sherade to continue so they make things up to keep the fire burning. The fact that I’ve had two of my sons harassed even now is a show of the pathetic people these are. Don’t harrass my family, they have nothing to do with this. One of my eldest son’s just passed his Police entry exams and someone found this out and threatened to write to the Police he is joining to make it hard for him to fulfill his lifetime dream. If that happens I will personally make it my mission to find you. Once again, please stop with the harrassment. You’ve had your fun now leave us alone.

Rant over. SO this past month we’ve been making a lot of assets. The police station, Jail, Prison and Court precinct is now complete. We have also completed the first wave of Police vehicles, an Ambulance and some fire rescue vehicles. The police vehicles are fully interactive and the MDT is now fully functional. We have also added all PBL member names to the “criminal” database so expect to see your name on civilian characters through the game. Our road structure is also set in stone with hundreds of streets (each named in honour of PBL members) which has given us the opportunity to start the Dispatch system and map for directing Police to the different address’s on the map. Overall the Police vehicles are fully setup to respond to Dispatch calls. In saying that we have also completed the radio network. This system is set up so that each player once logged in can set their radio frequency to several departments including Traffic, Swat, Airwing, Detective, and of course dispatch. We have built it inside the game so no need for Discord or Teamspeak while in game. It even sounds like you’re speaking on the radio when you get another player respond.

For the rest of this month and next month I am looking for more work to help continue to fund the process. Again I must stress that getting outside work just to pay for developers has been very difficult as my family still need me to bring in an income so it’s tough, especially at this time of year. So for now, thanks for those of you who continue to support the project and for all of those on discord etc that work behind the scenes thank you!! We are getting to the end of the year and we’re hoping a few things we have in the works come to fruition in the coming month or so that will boost our production but until then we’ll keep working. That’s it for now. We’ll update you again in December.


As most of you should be aware by now, I have kept off all social media including discord to concentrate solely on building the game. Connor has taken on the role with the other moderators to keep the conversation going and I thank him and the team very much for your ongoing support with our awesome community. As stated last month, I have been busy with the game and also with my other work to help bring in funds to support the development of the game. I’ll be honest it’s not been easy and the amount required to keep up the volume of work required makes it hard. It would be much easier if we opened up project blue line again to help bring more funds to the development of the game but unfrotunately due to “those” people who call anything a scam that crowdfunds a project like this I will not put our community through that kind of harrassment again. In saying that it’s important to let you know that I am working twice as hard just to bring in money to reinvest in the game.

This last month the developers and I have started building the city from scratch. Meaning all models are now made in house. We obviously have a lot of work to do and we’re trying to use procedural generation to help give each building or prop a different look. Again, this is mainly due to “those” people who think a game is a scam if assets are legally purchased online. So I’ve taken the stance that we won’t crowd fund any further and we won’t use purchased assets.

Currently we have several artists and programmers working to get us back to where we got to in August. Our programmers have done very well to make our Multiplayer work in sync with up to 32 players. This is all based on performance issues and getting the most out of our online map as possible. They believe that that number will double on full release of the game once everything has been tested with all the working parts of the game implemented. We have finished 6 vehicles completely, inside and out with all working interiors that allow the player to use every button both on the MDT and dash (including lights, sirens, and info board). We have fully implemented a trunk library that allows the player to store weapons, ammo, first aide supplies, cones, spike strips, crime scene tape and other necessary equipment required on the job to be used, stored and organised for each shift.

We have a fully developed arrest and investigate simulation that not only works with every NPC pedestrian and player in the game but all vehicles. This is all hooked up to the MDT so that all records of every vehicle and person in game is now connected to our private online database which will keep all records of all NPC, Player and Vehicle available from a central location so that no matter what server you’re playing on the information will be available to all of them. This will also be used as a place that admins can check the records of each player to see if players are hacking, cheating etc.

Other note worthy additions are the way players (Police) are able to run checks on other players. So investigations are now part of the game and will be showcased in the alpha.

Right now I’m having to do several things at once just to bring in the funds to continue production. This has obviously made it hard on my family as income I make on other projects are going straight to the game. So please be understanding of the difficulties faced at this stage in development. Also due to the harrassment we faced before we will not be showcasing any of the things we’re doing until the alpha release. That way we get to work in peace without the constant abuse for not pleasing everyone. We appreciate our communities support very much and it’s our community we’re making this game for so we hope you’ll understand the new direction in privacy we’ve taken.

Lastly I just want to make a public statement on something. Those of you who have continued to make contact with my kids online and threatened them, attacked them and harrassed them, you’re details have been forwarded to the police. Just because you feel justified by videos you’ve seen about Police 1013 online, does not justify the abuse toward my family. Enough! I would ask those who have videos online causing hate toward us to take them down. Unfortunately those responsible won’t because it’s fun for them. So just leave my family alone. Go after me all you like.

Hopefully that is the last of that kind of abuse.


Well it’s September! Let’s hope it wasn’t as rocky as the previous months which saw us with a few major hiccups. But enough of that let’s talk about our new changes. Due to two staff members receiving information, they redacted their six months of work.

  1. I am currently taking on more work in my other job to reinvest into the game from my own pocket to pay our new developers. I have brought on two new programmers in a part time paid role to get us back up to speed. At the rate we’re going I’m hoping that by end of March 2020 we’ll have something to show of our game mechanics. Once again, it’s important to understand that we lost 6 months of work when our last devs left us and will need to get back that time to bring us closer to a full alpha release. Your patience is really appreciated while we do that.
  2. Our new developers are still a part of our discord but won’t be involved in social media discussions due to the unfortunate events of last month. They’d rather concentrate on building the game and not go through any of the things our last developers went through.
  3. I will be removing many of our purchased assets and rebuilding them from scratch, using only some purchased assets to help speed up production. This is due to the ongoing attacks from certain domains who don’t like us using “purchased” assets in the game. This will obviously slow us down but we’re trying to alleviate any further name calling from outside areas. I can confirm that my goal will be to use approximately 25% of the games assets from purchased assets and the other 75% will be made personally by me or other developers who get brought into the team. We were using 50% purchased vs. made and will now bring that down to 25% vs. 75% of our own.
  4. I have left all social media, discord and other avenue’s of discussion to our PR Manager Connor to look after from this point. He has done an amazing job thus far making discord a gold mine of great features as well as keeping me out of any further unnecessary confrontations, letting me concentrate solely on the games development. It’s unfortunate to take it this far as I’ve really enjoyed speaking directly with the Police 1013 community but after last months events I’ve realised that my time could be better spent making the game and not talking about it.

With all that being said, I am trying to stick to a deadline of late March 2020 to have something playable. This will require a lot of work from all involved and patience from our community. PBL members please know that we haven’t forgotten you. You will still receive your backed tiers as normal once we start delivery of the pre-alpha. It’s just that we won’t be taking on any further community donations to help us in this regard.

Thank you again to all of our amazing supporters. Especially those that stuck by our side through the last month. I’d also like to thank our professional discord staff and especially Connor for his tireless work behind the scenes. Progress is being made and things are finally calming down to allow us to move forward in a more positive way.

AUGUST 12th 2019

With Police 1013 moving forward in a new and fresh way without any more distractions I thought I would introduce you to some of the new things here at Wingman Games.

  1. I’d like to introduce Connor. Connor is our new PR guy. He will handle all PR on all social media from this point on. He is also the master behind the new Discord channel. https://discord.gg/gSzAEfd
  2. Project Blue Line Crowdfunding Campaign – PBL has now officially closed. Which means we are no longer taking backers for our PBL donations. However, those that have already backed the game will still receive their Tier’s once the alpha is released. Thanks for your ongoing patience and we look forward to showcasing Police 1013 in the future.
  3. We have a new “No Troll” policy being adopted on our social media platforms and discord. We want a safe, mature and respectful way for our fans to come together to enjoy the community and what it has to offer. Trolls do nothing but harm a community so in order to facilitate a better experience as a community member we have adopted the No Troll policy in order to remove those who aren’t really wanting to be a member of the community. Remember, Criticism is AWESOME but being a bully or troll is NOT!
  4. Future outcomes and responsibilities – At present we are continuing to work on the Game in every aspect. However, we are also in contact with dozens of studio teams to join us to help complete the game to a standard we want. If you’re a studio wanting to speak to us more about this opportunity or you’re a designer, 3d Artist, Programmer etc then please email [email protected]
  5. Showcase Video and Something playable? Our last two programmers have unfortunately left us high and dry. We were expecting to have something playable this year as well as a full showcase video of everything we’d been doing all year. With their departure, we have been put back 6 months so we won’t have anything to show until 2020 at this stage. We will no doubt keep you updated though on all news throughout the year. We apologise that this had happened just before we wanted to showcase everything. Although very disappointed in those that left, we are moving forward with a better understanding of the type of people we want attached in the future.


Well what a horrible week we’ve had moving into August. As most of you are aware our Programmers Sam Cook and Riki Penton decided that due in part that they were not happy having their name associated with the game because of the ongoing attack on our project by certain Youtubers that they’d leave the project immediately. Unfortunately this put the game and the company into a very bad position. This also started a downward spiral of events that caused irreparable harm to the company and development of the game. Our PR/Community Manager Stephan Heskamp (JFK) breached a Non Disclosure Agreement which he knew existed as it was his job to have all staff sign one, by handing over Private conversations between developers to Youtuber Bigfry, who then published a video claiming all the Developers and Moderators of Police 1013 have left the game. This was obviously devastating for us as we weren’t given the opportunity to sort anything out internally the way we should of as it became more about obtaining Youtube likes and hits for BigFryTv’s channel and NOT about keeping out of personal business between developers and a creative director.  Stephan Heskamp was immediately removed from all responsibilities within the game.

To BigFry himself – We’re really dissapointed that you would publish information known to be internal information while discussions were being had to rectify the situation, therefore making it even worse for those involved to even want to return.

This reaction has shocked all of us at Police 1013 as we weren’t given any notice or were not given the chance to discuss these issues with any of those involved.  This ‘saga’ damaged a lot of good work that we’d done and has now put us back 6 months of development. Unfortunately Sam and Riki were meant to put out the new Developer Diary which was due in the coming week which was to showcase the work they’d been doing for the past six months. This was meant to be a Backer Only showcase before releasing it to the public afterwards. With our programmers gone, we are not able to use any of their work and so the last six months has been a waste of time. We do wish them both success in the future.

Where do we go from here:

With the damage that’s been caused we are in a position to bring forward an announcement that has been worked on for the past month or so. I didn’t want this to be discussed this early but it seems I have been forced to update you all on our next step. Over the last month I have been in talks with a highly respectful Publisher/Investor who has shown great interest in the game. The CEO and I have had some great talks about the possible future of the game and how our company’s could partner up to make something even more special. At this early stage I’m not going to focus on the who, what or when but more explain to you that this new pathway would put the game into a more professional setting with no more drama. This is without doubt the most important thing that has happened to the company and game in it’s history. What we ask is that those of you who continue to tell mis-truths to garner hits on videos or comments making hateful and disrespectful remarks against me or the game, we ask that that ceases to help give us this opportunity to move past all of this and put us on a new track of doing this right. After all, this is the game that so many people want to play. Help us by supporting it’s progress and help showcase that this is the game you want to play to the community over social media. This will obviously help with negotiations and put us in good stead moving forward.

From here we ask that you help us focus on these conversations we’re having and hopefully in the not so distant future we will be in a position to update you all on its progress. These are really important times for Wingman Games and we hope you can play a positive and energetic part in that.

JULY 2019

Hi everyone, welcome to the July Roadmap update. We’ve had a few things going on at Police 1013 this month already and heaps of stuff going on to push us toward something playable by the end of the year. Here is what we’ve been up to:

Matt – I continue to work on the alpha map. Once again this is a long process putting all the pieces in place. However, I have also been working on the business of the company and game. We’ve had some interest from an outside source which is going really well at the moment. I’m putting together press packs, budgets, statistics and ongoing plans to see the company grow and expand with an awesome publisher who has also shown interest in bringing on investors into the mix. This is a great opportunity that we’re exploring and we feel we would be a great fit for this company. Right now I am spending my time working out details and supplying this company with as much information possible to take to a group of huge investors that could see us expand to guarantee a successful alpha. This is not guaranteed but we’re on the right path and are having really good discussions about the future of Police 1013 on a bigger scale. This company not only helps with digital distribution but also PC and Console release so lots to keep our fingers crossed for. We will update you if those discussions take a more substantial step in the right direction.

Alice – Unfortunately Alice has had to leave the team for now due to her heavy work load at University. Unfortunately these things happen with developers who are also full time students so we wish Alice all the best in her studies.

Riki – Riki has created a framework that enables you to talk to NPC’s. This currently allows you to greet them, ask for identification and ask them a variety of questions. This will be expanded to allow you to perform searches and run various tasks like field sobriety tests. NPC’s respond differently to questions depending on a variety of factors like their personality and mood, this is also reflected by their animations. The gesture system has also been implemented and you will be able to fold your arms, hold your vest, lean against your car and much more. Riki has also done a lot of work improving our vehicle and weapon systems and is now working on the inventory system and various pieces of equipment you can put in your duty belt.

Nathan – Nathan has been swamped with requests from the rest of the team to get as many animations done as possible. We are currently working only on the Police animations such as arrests, idols, vehicle, investigations, policing etc. We’ll put something together in a video once those are done to show off some of these. I’m really happy with what Nathan has come up with. These certainly aren’t typical animations but more detailed to stand out from the crowd.

Sam – Well Sam is now a married man. He went to New York to marry his best friend and mother to his son. He is also due for another child in the coming months so we’ll let you know when that happens. From all of us at Police 1013, Congrats mate. Sam has gone through the huge task of updating everything to the latest version of UE4. Obviously when a new version is released we need to update it throughout the process to keep things steady in each version of the software. Sam has also been working on the gesture system where police are able to stop NPC’s to talk to them, ID them and get information from them. He’s also working with Nathan to get the arrest animations programmed for those naughty NPC’s that causing trouble in Metro City.

The last week I’ve been busy with a family emergency. My amazing mother in law has cancer and so we’ve rallied around her during this hard time as she goes through hard treatment to prolong her life. Unfortunately that is an ongoing battle with ongoing care required. My family and I are taking every day as it comes. At this stage the prognosis isn’t great and her needs are high so I will be doing my best to look after my family and the game at the same time.

We’d like to thank everyone for your ongoing support and we look forward to showing some stuff in the not so distant future.

JUNE 2019

Hi everyone, welcome to our roadmap for June 2019. This past month has been fantastic with all of our devs working really hard to get the internals of the game moving nicely in a networked environment for Multiplayer. I want to make this point really clear, the programmers are doing a lot to make sure we are optimised for online play so that we can get as many people in the game as possible. Once we’ve fully tested a few things we’ll run a test for how many players we’re likely to see. At this stage we’re wanting to aim for 100 players which is a great balance.

Sam Cook – Sam continues to build upon our AI in game. In particular he’s working on the Crowd AI at the moment. In other words, when ever something (a crime) happens then the surrounding crowd reacts to it. Unlike GTA V where everyone pulls out an uzi and starts shooting, ours will be more realistic and have crowds look for cover or drive away etc. This is a big job so Sam is taking his time to get this right. On another note, Sam is heading to New York from the UK to get married! So congrats to both you and your new wife to be in the coming days.

Alice – As you may have noticed we’ve brought on an amazing 3dArtist and our very first female developer which is awesome. Her name is Alice. Alice has been working on a modular tile set for a suburban neighbourhood, while considering this could also later be used as a base for different cities or rural areas on the map. This tile set currently consists of paths, roads, turf, driveways, as well as space for houses and gardens, parks, shops, ponds and anything else that may be relevant to the area. Alice has spent some time testing out these tiles and developing them with versatility, building different size neighbourhoods and filling in any gaps along the way. She has made good progress with these models and is now currently polishing and texturing them for implementation. Alice is also researching the architecture while planning out a variety of modular houses, as well as fences and/or walls to close in gardens. Once they are done Alice will finish off any driveways and paths leading up to the houses, ready to be textured.

Riki – Riki is working hard with replication, making sure that actions you do in game are sent up to the server, and back down to all the other players and more importantly only the actions and players that need to send/receive this information. This is a key component to multiplayer gameplay and we are making a game that allows a large amount of users in the map so optimisation is important. This will require attention throughout the lifetime of development. Alongside this Riki has started making the system that will drive how you talk or hold conversations with NPC civilians and criminals. It is being built to provide a different experience on every interaction, each NPC will essentially have their own personality and will react/respond differently depending on various factors.

Ant – Ant is working hard on our weather systems and figuring out particle systems. He has been successful with the rain but is currently not 100% in it’s look and feel so will continue to get that perfect. A part of this is making the rain affect other things like clouds etc.

Matt – I have moved onto the main map and started putting our prison system together. This is a very high detailed prison system which is placed over a massive area of the map.  Every detail is being looked at so that the prison can be added as an actual job in the game. So it needs to be good. I am also working on the road network. A road that reacts to the environment and topography. This is on a massive scale so i’ll be working on this map from this point on as our alpha map.

As you can see things are moving along really well. We’re really starting to see things take shape. Unfortunately donations have really slowed down over the past month so we’re hoping that we can start getting more support in Project blue line to help go toward the game. This game is going to happen. There is no doubt! IF you’d like to help make it happen then please consider donating to project blue line. If you’ve already donated then maybe consider donating again and adding to your tier. Details can be found in the FUND US link above.

In the near future I promise we’ll get a developer diary out to you all. At this stage we’ve literally been so busy working on the game that we haven’t had the time to record stuff. I will do my best to get something done though so be patient.

Lastly, two weeks ago it was the one year anniversary to my brain tumour removal. 1 Year has certainly gone quickly. I wanted to thank all of those who continue to drop a message to see how things are going. You’ve been so supportive over the past year so thank you.

MAY 2019

Over the past Month we have been working hard on three aspects of the game

  • Replication for multiplayer
  • Car and driving look and feel
  • Level Design and art

Replication for multiplayer – This is arguably one of the most difficult aspects of Games is multiplayer and is something that we have placed great emphasis on.

Our first steps were to replicate the character movement. This took a little while as we also created the framework which will allow the dedicated servers to be run.

Riki has been working very hard on creating the backend Database and API to facilitate this and we are pleased to say that our first foray into Police 1013 Multiplayer was a resounding success.

This spurred us to continue with replication and have added projectile replication and replicated damage, this meant that we could for the first time affect other players AKA (Me, Riki, Matt and Ant having a shootout) was great fun.

Car Driving Look and Feel – Our Driving system has had a massive overhaul, as well as being replicated for multiplayer. We have implemented a new system for car handling. This allows us more granular control over each vehicle giving our driving experience that real feel.

Level Design and Art – We have started production of a new city environment primarily to test out the level streaming that will ensure that you guys can play the entire World with minimal to no loading screens.

As stated, things have ramped up for the team and everyone is really excited by the constant progress we are making. In time we will showcase these things in a video but right now we are concentrating on building these systems more than showing them off so please be patient so that we can get things done. One of the most difficult things we have to deal with is optimisation of the map. It is so important that we keep our draw cells down while maintaining good FPS while playing Multiplayer. So far we are working within our memory budget to achieve good results. These things are paramount to making a great multiplayer game and especially one that is as big as Police 1013.


On a side note we also spent the last month discussing the meaning of an asset flip with our community after some people in social media pulled us up for using “purchased assets” in the Unreal Marketplace as placeholders for the game. I wanted to help straighten this out as it’s become obvious that 90% of gamers don’t actually know what an ASSET FLIP really is. It seems it’s been used too often in the wrong context which then somehow discounts the work we’re actually doing to get the game made. I’ll take the meaning direct from well known and respected Youtuber Sidalpha. He actually explains it very well in one of his videos. An Asset flip is when someone purchases an entire game and then tries to claim it was completely made by themselves. We agree that this is NOT a good thing to do and we’d certainly never be doing that kind of thing on a game as big as Police 1013. In fact, our team would never want to put out a game that someone else has made and then claim we did it. The big difference is that we have purchased “some” assets and “some” code on the marketplace but have literally changed many things to suit our game. Especially when it comes to programming and code.

We have a group of very talented programmers in Sam, Riki and Ant and they have gone into some of the code we’ve purchased to give it our own flare. Literally changed most if not all of it’s code to suite our needs. With regard to purchased assets, yes we do use some assets from the marketplace just like 95% of developers. We use those assets as game place holders until we have enough money to replace those through sales of the game with our own unique assets. This is very common and in fact the entire reason why the Unreal Marketplace is so important to Indie developers. So for those that want to say anything negative about us using assets from the Unreal marketplace then make sure you understand what it’s there for. Go and have a look at every other game being made with a small team and see how much they too use purchased assets. From this point on we won’t be discussing this subject again.

For those who don’t know the actual definition of an asset flip then hopefully this has educated you. If not, by all means go and listen to those that help educate gamers on such things like Sidalpha here: @1min 30secs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrVqhVvkhX8 who again I think does a wonderful job of stating the definition. (Subscribe to his Youtube to get him over the 100k subs).

We have a lot going on at the moment and we’ll share some videos with you as soon as we can. Until then please don’t hesitate to join our discord and get involved in the discussion there. We’re always happy to answer your questions and look forward to showcasing more Police 1013 news soon.

APRIL 2019

We have decided to change the way you see our roadmap. We found that we weren’t spending the time updating it as much as we could and found that during development we were needing to update or add/delete some things so thought the best way to combat this would be to summarise the things we’re doing for the month ahead. Not only does this let you know what we’re currently working on but also gives you the opportunity to ask questions of us in discord on the things we’re currently working on. We hope this streamlines the process more and gets you more involved in the development moving forward.


Matt will spend this month building the clothing assets for our police character. This is a fairly slow process as Matt wants to get these uniforms and other officer assets perfect. Also part of this process will be to hand these assets off to our programmers so that they can start on the customisation unit where you are able to choose the uniform and the things that go onto it. Including but not limited to:

  • Police shirts / pants
  • Vests
  • Hats
  • Helmets
  • Utility Belt
  • Pistol Holsters
  • Taser Holster
  • Belt pouches – magazines / handcuffs / pepper spray / gloves / baton


Sam, Ant and Ric have been incredibly busy implementing many of the in-game mechanics.


Ant has uploaded the basic logic we need for networking the unique criminals which spawn npc’s, checks weighted booleans if the npc is criminal and then if so tells the server to generate a name and look of the criminal (at the moment the dummy character has three bits that texture differently). This logic can then work on a bigger scale as via the database internally.


Sam is working on movement of the character as well as a replication graph. He’s also working through the Killhouse with spawning AI as well an working through the different departments like Jail PDA system, shooting range and vehicle customisation with both ELS, pattern changes, siren changes and implementing the dozens of light bars. Sam has also started working on the Multiplayer aspect of the game which is a very important part of the workflow to get us in game quicker.

Ric has been busy building his system 🙂 He has computer issues but in the meantime while he waited for the computer build to happen he has been helping Sam with everything. Ric will be back this week in full force.


Nathan continues to build onto our animation requests. This is an ongoing job whereas when any of us need a certain animation, we ask Nathan to put something together for us.


Don’t forget that if you have any questions for us on our current roadmap, please jump into our discord at www.discord.gg/wingmangames and ask us anything on what we’re up to.